Protein Sources: Meat As The Side Dish

Last Friday we talked about how much protein you need every day.

Where should that protein come from?

Today we’ll talk about protein from food, not from supplements. It can be very confusing, if you are supplementing additionally with powders, to know which one to buy. We’ll look at that question next Friday.

For your food, the question of ‘where should your protein come from’ usually leads to some sort of debate between animal versus plant protein.

I’m going to skip right to the end and tell you that the answer is: most likely, more of your diet should be plant-based than it probably is right now, especially if you’re a typical meat eater.

Using myself as an example: I eat a lot of meat. I love it. Eggs are my favorite food. I participate in regular, highly strenuous exercise. I have low body fat, and my current goals include building more muscle.

I can still benefit from eating more plants, and less animal food.

There is no one way of eating that works for everyone. I will never tell you that you should, or should not eat meat.

But it is not a stretch to make a general recommendation to eat more vegetables.

This is the one, often overlooked area that both the Paleo & Vegan camps agree. The Paleo Diet does NOT mean eat meat all day long, despite any misleading marketing that may be out there. If you really read Dr. Loren Cordain & Robb Wolf’s work, you’ll see that vegetables make up the majority of the plate, every time.

Getting back to protein: beans, nuts, seeds, and grains have it too. In future posts, we can dive deeper into each of those, and some awesome ways to use them.

But I’ll tell you right now that once you find a few dishes that you love, using plants, you’ll be more than satisfied – even if you’re a classic meat eater like me.

A good lentil stew, full of carrots, onions, celery, bone broth, and some spices can become the centerpiece of your dinner. That piece of organic chicken works better as the side dish.

It’s very important, if you are going to eat animal foods, to choose high quality animal foods. Organic, grass-fed, pastured beef, pork, chicken & dairy. Wild caught fish.

And don’t forget organ meat. Yeah, I know it sounds gross. But organ meat like liver is far richer in protein & nutrients than any steak, chicken, or fish.

So, where should you get your protein?

Mostly from plants. They need to be the star. High quality animal proteins as the side dish, if you eat animal food.

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