Your Body Is Signaling You

Your body is the most advanced supercomputer in the world. By far.

No computer that NASA or the CIA has holds a candle to your body when it comes to computing power.

Your body knows what works for it. It’s backed by tens of thousands of years of evolution.

Your body also knows what doesn’t work for it. It sends you signals when that’s the case.

For example:

  • If you’re tired, you may not be sleeping enough
  • If you’re cramping, you may be dehydrated
  • If your stool is loose, your diet includes something you don’t digest well
  • If you’ve got a headache, perhaps something in stressing you out

I could go on. I listed some very general, non-specific examples. But make no mistake: the signals your body sends you are very specific. There is always a root cause (or causes) underneath your body’s reactions.

You can ignore your body’s signals for a little while. It’s very resilient. It will combat the issue and work through or around it.

Usually it’s primary warnings are not too severe.

But, if continually ignored, you’ll get to a place where the remedies need to be more drastic.

Pay attention to your body’s signals, before it starts to shut down.

It’s very smart, and it’s only trying to help.

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