Free Mentorship | A Podcast Roll Call

If you haven’t tried podcasts yet, they are a great way to learn & grow.

You don’t need to be next to someone to be mentored by them.

You don’t have to play Candy Crush on the train.

Here is my current list of podcasts, sorted by category:


The Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast

The Doctor’s Farmacy with Dr. Mark Hyman

Robb Wolf: The Paleo Solution


The Strong Life Podcast with Zach Even-Esh

Weightlifting Life with Greg Everett & Ursula Garza

Jocko Podcast with Jocko Willink

The Joe Rogan Experience


The Fizzle Show

Courage & Clarity

How I Built This with Guy Raz

The Pitch by Gimlet Media

The James Altucher Show


Everything is Alive

The Tim Ferriss Show

TED Radio Hour

KIDS: (Yes, I listen to these too. But so do my kids.)

WOW in the World

Pants on Fire

Warrior Kids


WTF with Marc Maron



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