Cooking Tips: Roasted Vegetables for Dummies

You’re a busy guy. You work hard. You train hard. You like to spend time with your family, rest, and watch football on the weekends. You probably don’t have a lot of time to cook. Definitely not during the week.

Roasting vegetables is a simple, very low-hassle method by which you can elevate your nutrition for the whole week with minimal effort.

We’ll use brussels sprouts as an example.

Buy some. Rinse and trim off any brown or ugly parts. Turn your oven to 400.

Take out a baking sheet. Dump the brussels sprouts on it. Drizzle over 2 tablespoons of cooking oil. (I use avocado oil.) Take a spoon (or two) and mix around so all sprouts have a light coating.

Sprinkle over any seasoning you like.

Roast for thirty minutes, stirring once about halfway through. Cook less or more to your liking.

One pan to clean.

Depending on how much you eat, and how many sprouts you bought, you’ve just made vegetables that will last you all week long with a quick reheat.

I prefer storing in glassware to reheat in the oven quickly.

This can be done with broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, onions, mushrooms, and many more.

Some less sturdy veggies (like mushrooms) need a little less time, or can be cooked at a lower temperature, like 350, depending on your oven and your taste.

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