How I Wake Up My Mind, Body, & Spirit Every Morning

I’ve told you before about the first thing I do every morning, which is drink my morning green drink. That’s my ‘Step 1’.

Step 2: Wake Up The Mind

The second thing I do is write this blog post, for you. Every day.

It takes time. I have to think. It’s not easy. It gets my brain going.

Writing first thing in the morning doesn’t have to be public to be powerful. Try some short journaling, writing down 10 ideas, or (if you love writing) morning pages.

Step 3: Wake Up The Body

Next, I move. Three days per week I train in my gym. I’ve written much about my training. We won’t go into detail about that here. Simply click on the ‘Strength & Exercise’ tag if you want to read a few of those posts.

It’s about moving. On non-training days, I still move. I do active recovery & mobility work; get on the rumble-roller, loosen up all of my joints with a specific routine.

There are many ways to do this, and, I’ll keep writing about those too.

Just keep in mind that, unless you’re a track & field coach, you probably sit or drive a lot.

Getting a short, ten or twenty minute movement routine done early can be a game changer. It’s gets your blood flowing, your body ready, and your confidence high.

Step 4: Wake Up The Spirit

Your spirit? Yes, I said your spirit.

For this, I meditate. I prefer Qigong, a form of moving meditation that focuses on the energy centers & channels in your body.

This doesn’t have to be meditation. A spiritual practice could be going to church, simply sitting quietly with a candle for a bit, something in a group setting, or … anything else that works for you.

It does have to be regular. Having a regular spiritual practice is one of the few common traits among people who live to be 100 years old (centenarians). So, it’s important.

There’s a reason why meditation & mindfulness are so popular right now.

It’s because we need it. There’s so much moving so fast, but we need to sit still and remain calm in order to see what’s really important.

So, make time for yourself – for your mind, body, and spirit – every morning.

You don’t have to use my exact methods. But you do deserve it.

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