Relaxation & Stress: Your Super Power

Relaxation can become your super power.

Note that I did not use the word meditation. Now, even though meditation is ‘very hot’ right now, and, it is the main form or relaxation which I choose, yours does not have to be meditation. There are other ways to relax yourself.

When you are relaxed, especially when you make it a point to spend time to relax daily, several things happen.

You think more clearly. Solutions to problems and good decisions materialize. You can focus.

Your body recovers. Your hormones reset. You sleep well.

You remove the pressure. You can listen openly to other people, and they can feel it.

You lower your blood pressure (among other things) and greatly increase your likelihood to live longer.

You get to enjoy life. You don’t miss little things.

All of this can begin with just a few minutes, even one minute, spent daily.

As little as just six consecutive, deep breaths will do it.


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