When You Can’t Get To The Gym

I’m very good with getting my three workouts in per week. To be fair, I do have a gym in my garage, which is an advantage.

But still, life happens to me too. There are some days or weeks that my entire schedule gets altered. So, I get it.

There are two things I want to suggest to you regarding your exercise routine when life throws you a bunch of interruptions:

(1) You can always do some air-squats, push-ups, burpees, sit-ups, planks, and so forth, even for just ten minutes. If you have nothing else: do 50 burpees for time.

(2) It is also OK to sometimes do nothing. To de-load for a week. To rest. To take this week to recover. Perhaps to stretch a bit, foam roll, move around lightly, and play.

If you want more quick, travel, no-equipment required workout ideas, just let me know.

If you’ve been training hard for months, and life catches up with you, listen to it. You might just avoid an injury, and come back next week even stronger & more refreshed.


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