Today Is A Milestone …

Today I celebrate my graduation from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I spent one full year learning about hundreds of different dietary theories, and how to coach you on your path to optimal health.

It’s funny, this morning at breakfast, I was thinking about how much more I have to learn, how many more things I have yet to try and do, with regards to my own health journey.

Yet, at the same time, I am much farther along that the average person. I have a lot to offer you if you’re just getting started.

If that’s you, don’t rush. You’ve got plenty of time. I’ll meet you where you are, and, take those first few steps with you.

There is no destination. There is no end point or finish line. Health is a lifelong journey.

Yes, it’s a milestone for me to graduate Health Coaching School.

But I remember earlier milestones as well, and, today could be one of those for you as well. Simply get started, and take one step – ask for some help 🙂

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