Late-Night Eating: Why Do We Eat Late at Night?

I am a former world-heavyweight champion of Late-Night Eating.

In college, I would eat gluttonous amounts of unhealthy food, very late at night, and into the early hours of the morning.

I’m talking about entire pies of pizza, multiple hero sandwiches, large bowls of pasta, and just about anything that was available, all to myself.

Later in life, I continued that pattern, but in a more isolated way. When I was living alone, I tended to still crave lots of food, generally carbs, late at night.

Over time that eventually faded, but, today, if I’m up later than usual, I still start to crave food. Especially if it’s more than a few hours past my usual bedtime, or I’m off my usual schedule.

For example, I usually eat my last meal at about 6 or 7, and then go to bed by about 9 or 10. But if I have to work until midnight, I’m eating food and snacking the whole time. Or, if I’m out for a late dinner with friends, I’m still eating when I get home right before bed.

Most likely, in all of those examples above, I was never really hungry. I was probably just tired.

There’s nothing necessarily right or wrong about eating all of that food late at night. I don’t regret it.

Could I have just gone to bed?

No. Hindsight doesn’t count. Was it possible for me to go to bed? Yes. But, was I mature and aware enough to? No, absolutely not.

Would I start eating like I did in college tomorrow night? No.

But if I have to work late tomorrow night, will some food help me stay focused? You bet it will, and, I’m going to eat it.

So, it’s not about right or wrong – that doesn’t exist.

It’s about is the trade-off of eating late at night worth it for you?

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