When To Eat Nothing

Every once in awhile, the best meal to eat is … nothing.

For me, that usually happens when life happens. Once in awhile I skip breakfast – even though breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. Other times, if I find myself at a place, party, or gathering where there isn’t anything to my liking, I’ll simply abstain.

You could be more regular about it that me. My meals skips are relatively random. Many people intermittently fast these days, and, many literature has espoused its benefits.

But the thing I find interesting about intermittent fasting is that it’s now new … it’s old. Very old.

Religions of all types have it built into them. And, as hunter-gatherers, I’m certain that we did not always have a power bar in our back pocket.

Your body is made to go for quite a while without food. In addition, there’s a process called autophagy in which your cells, in the absence of food, get a chance to clean out some of the junk that has built up inside of them.

Trust yourself. Your body is very, very smart. If you don’t have any fasts built into your life, by religion or otherwise, simply be aware of when you feel like you’ve been eating too much. (Perhaps, the day after a Labor Day barbecue?)

Give your body a chance to get back to normal once in awhile.


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