The 4th Step in Any Strength Training Program: Strength Foundation

Notice that ‘strength’ is not Step 1.

To recap:

Step 4 is to build a foundation of bodyweight strength.

What is bodyweight strength?

It’s the ability to do: push-ups, pull-ups, dips, air-squats, and run, correctly.

There are many variations of these movements. There are also many supplemental exercises that support the development of these movements.

It is possible to train on just these movements for months, or even years, not get bored, and continually get stronger.

In fact you can build quite an impressive body without ever touching a barbell or a dumbbell.

Now, at some point, I do recommend weight lifting. But that is not before you have a good foundation of strength on which to build.

As you get older, you’re probably better off bodyweight training more, and weight training less, progressively.

If you’re fifty years old, and, you can do:

100 squats

100 push-ups

50 pull-ups

50 dips

A mile run in 7 or 8 minutes

You’re a fifty-year old bad ass.

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