Cooking Tips: Trash The Whole Dish (Sometimes).

Sometimes, after spending an hour or more cooking, you’re going to have to throw an entire dish out. (Or, compost it.)

At that point your probably not going to start it all over. Most likely you’re going to eat something simple as a substitute, like a can of tuna, a quick pasta, or sandwich.

(Or, nothing at all. It’s not a big deal. You won’t starve from skipping one meal.)

You might burn it, it might collapse, or come out completely mushy. Perhaps you missed an important step, put too much or too little of one thing, or didn’t know how fast your oven cooks.

In my experience, it’s pretty rare that I have to completely trash whole dish. But it does happen, usually when I’m trying something new and unusual for the first time.

These are some of your most important meals.

Birds learn to fly by jumping. Babies learn to walk by falling. And, you’ll learn to cook by cooking … not by reading about it.


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