Cooking Tips: Roasted Vegetables for Dummies

You’re a busy guy. You work hard. You train hard. You like to spend time with your family, rest, and watch football on the weekends. You probably don’t have a lot of time to cook. Definitely not during the week. Roasting vegetables is a simple, very low-hassle method by which you can elevate your nutritionContinue reading “Cooking Tips: Roasted Vegetables for Dummies”

Vitamins & Supplements: Should You Try Superfoods?

Should you take, try, or eat superfoods? What are superfoods? Are all of the foods that claim to be superfoods actually superfoods? How much of each one should you take? Before we answer any of those, the first question to ask is: Are you eating a well-balanced diet, with lots of whole, unprocessed foods, fruitsContinue reading “Vitamins & Supplements: Should You Try Superfoods?”

How I Wake Up My Mind, Body, & Spirit Every Morning

I’ve told you before about the first thing I do every morning, which is drink my morning green drink. That’s my ‘Step 1’. Step 2: Wake Up The Mind The second thing I do is write this blog post, for you. Every day. It takes time. I have to think. It’s not easy. It getsContinue reading “How I Wake Up My Mind, Body, & Spirit Every Morning”

Vitamins & Supplements: Multivitamin 101

The place to begin with multivitamins is not with multivitamins. It is with your diet. If you are eating a balanced diet, then you probably do not need a multivitamin. If you are not eating a balanced diet, then you should balance your diet before you start paying for a multivitamin. You can always doContinue reading “Vitamins & Supplements: Multivitamin 101”

How Many Meals Per Day Should I Eat?

I’ve heard of all kinds of suggested ways to eat your meals, in terms of: Number of meals Size of meals Timing of meals Some say eat a huge breakfast; others say zero breakfast. Some say eat three hearty meals; other say six or seven little ones. Some recommend a big dinner; others say notContinue reading “How Many Meals Per Day Should I Eat?”

What’s In Your Morning Routine?

The importance of a strong morning routine isn’t for when you’ve had a great night’s sleep, you have plenty of free time, and, everything is going well. The importance of a strong morning routine is for when you’re feeling tired, crappy, or under the gun. Having a few simple things ingrained as morning habits, whichContinue reading “What’s In Your Morning Routine?”

Health Coaching Is Not Your Job

For the past ten years, I’ve been studying food, nutrition, and exercise. For the past year, I went to school to learn how to professionally coach you around your health. When you need to remodel your kitchen, you call a professional for help. When you need financial advice, you speak with a certified planner. SoContinue reading “Health Coaching Is Not Your Job”