How Much Coffee Is Too Much?

For those who want the shortest answer possible: more than 2.5 cups per day could be harmful to your health.

For those who want to go a bit deeper, a good place to start is to think about your relationship with coffee. It changes.

I’ve been at all points on the spectrum at times. There was a time when I never drank it.

There was also a time, very recently, when I drank 10 cups per day … proudly.

I would get annoyed if Starbucks didn’t open on time. I was waiting outside at 5:30 AM, before my commute started. Driving without coffee was unthinkable!

I would drink it at 3 PM for a ‘pick-me-up’. (Many of you can relate because there is a Circadian rhythm effect at that time of day.)

And, I would drink it late at night. After a meal – it helps digest, right? Either way, a good dinner out seemed incomplete without it.

I always said that it didn’t affect me, and that I could fall asleep with no problem. I did fall asleep … but how deep was I sleeping? How clearly was I really thinking? Was my mind racing? Was my heart rate elevated?

I only found the answers to those questions out after I drank a few more glasses of water. And they were very surprising.

I made a simple rule: “I’ll only drink water during meetings, just to see how I feel.”

After a few weeks, I found myself drinking more water at other times during the day … and feeling pretty racy after every cup of coffee.

I’m at one cup of coffee per day now, sometimes two … but that change did NOT occur by reduction, restriction, or cutting coffee out.

It flowed naturally by adding more water in.

I don’t know how much coffee is too much for you. But your body does, if you listen to it.

You might even find out that you enjoy it more, when you drink it less.

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