Relaxation & Stress: Natural Rhythms

When was the last time you …

… didn’t use an alarm clock to wake up?

… took a short nap in the mid-afternoon?

… went to bed when you were tired, even if it was a few hours ‘early’?

If you haven’t done any of these recently, why do you feel the need to be so hard on yourself?

No doubt you’ve heard of Circadian rhythms, but, you may not realize how powerful they are.

You can only fight against tens of thousands of years of evolution for so long, before something gives.

If you don’t allow your body to rest, parts of it will start to break down.

‘Oversleeping’ is just a word that means ‘I’m late for where I am expected to be’.

‘Oversleeping’ does not mean that ‘I spelt longer than I needed to’.


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