The 2nd Step in Any Strength Training Program

The other day, I told you that the 1st step in any strength training program should be for you to figure out why you are training.

The 2nd step in any strength training program is for you to get a Coach.

Step 2 could supersede step 1 if needed, because a good Coach can help you figure that out, if you cannot.

Let’s look as some other reasons why you need a Coach:

Even if you are a Coach, you need a Coach. Any great Coach will tell you that. (Conversely, if you think you don’t need a Coach, and you are a Coach, something is wrong.)

Now, that doesn’t mean that you need to spend a lot of money or have a one-on-one personal training session every time you lift weights.

That might be true if you’re a beginner, but, it might not.

You might get Coached online, in a group session, semi-regularly, or even straight from a book &/or instructional video, with minimal personal interaction from the Coach.

But everyone needs some guidance. Everyone needs someone to push them. Everyone needs someone to check what they’re doing wrong, or could be doing better.

Here are some good questions to ask / think about when selecting your Coach:

  • Do they get results? Results that you can see, on real people?
  • Does their gym feel like the kind of place you want to train?
  • How long have they been training people?
  • What kinds of people do they train?
  • Do they have a system by which they assess and personalize your training to be a program that is best for you?


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