Cooking Tips: 1 Way to Make Sure You Workout

Just as I prepare a lot of my food on Sunday for the upcoming week of dinner, I always prepare my workout smoothie the night before.

In addition to that, I prepare the dry protein & superfood powder mixture, which contains anywhere from 5 to 10 ingredients, depending on what’s in my pantry, in batches of 10, in advance as well.

Scooping in the dry ingredients takes the most time, but, since they don’t need refrigeration, there’s no reason why you can’t do a bunch of these ahead of time. All you need is a bunch of small containers.

Every home I know has too much tupperware.

For the frozen & fresh smoothie portion, making it the night before does not make it worse.

Pour it out of the blender and into 1 or 2 mason jars. Shake vigorously in the morning. Go.

When you’re committed to workout in advance, even if it’s just because you don’t want to waste a smoothie, you’re going to workout.

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