How To Tell The Difference Between Food, and ‘Not Food’.

Food is grown, in nature.

Food grown in nature does not grow into a package, ever.

Food is sometimes eaten raw, other times, cooked.

Food is alive. It needs sunlight, soil, and water to survive. Without those elements, it dies.

Food only lives for a short while after being handled or cooked. In fact, before we invented the refrigerator & freezer, which was not very long ago, all cooked food would start to decompose in a matter of minutes or hours. (With the exception, perhaps, of preserving and curing meats in salt.) Cooked food dies quickly.

Food does not have ingredients.

You can take a few foods, combine them in infinite ways with other foods, put them in various packages, and, perhaps, you’ll still have food.

Just make sure you know what’s inside first.

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