Weight Gain & Loss: Whole Milk

Old school bodybuilders drank a lot of whole milk. I’m talking about a gallon a day.

These guys were not built like some of the bodybuilders you may have seen today. They weren’t overly striated with 2% body fat.

They were sculpted, as if out of marble, and they were farm strong. They could lift big weights – they weren’t built for show.

Take a look at pictures of Reg Park, for example:


This era, sometimes referred to as the ‘Golden Era’ of bodybuilding was before PED’s (performance enhancing drugs). These guys didn’t have sponsors, pills, or steroids. They had day jobs, families to raise, and a s**tload of hard work.

They ate strong foods like steak, vegetables, soup, eggs, liver, fruits, & nuts. They slept 8 to 10 hours per night, every night.

And they drank milk, especially when they wanted to get bigger.

Now, I make a big smoothie every time I workout, and for years I’ve been putting in dairy-free milks, because a lot of dairy doesn’t agree with me.

But lately, while I’ve been building a lot of muscle, I’ve noticed that my weight is pretty steady.

I’m not looking to get as big as a beast like Reg Park, but, I would like to see how it feels to have 5 or 10 more pounds of muscle.

I’m already eating a ton of food – it’s not really possible to eat more.

So I added some whole milk to my diet.

If this is your goal, and lactose doesn’t agree with you either, do as I did: add lactose free milk.

Buy Organic, grass-fed. Organic Valley is one of the best brands. Trust me, I’m in the Organic foods business. Don’t buy Horizon. I am not getting paid to write this.

An alternative I like, with the benefit of adding something probiotic & fermented into your diet is kefir. Green Valley Organics makes a lactose-free kefir, with several flavor options.

If you’re vegan or cannot have dairy, and you are a weightlifter or looking to add more weight, check out Ripple, Califia, or So Delicious. The pea, coconut, and almond options aren’t going to be the same as the animal milk, but, it’s as close as you can get.

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