1 Simple Habit To Help You Lose Weight

Squeeze the juice of one, whole fresh lemon into a glass of water every morning & drink.
(This should be the first thing that you drink or eat.)
You’ll get hungrier a little bit later, or, be a little bit less hungry if you eat shortly afterwards.
No, it’s not going to burn a hole in your stomach. Actually, lemons are basic (alkalizing) when mixed with water, not acidic.
In addition, lemons …
… are very rich in Vitamin C; they boost immunity.
… promote detoxification & reduce inflammation.
… may aid your digestion & absorption of vitamins & minerals from other foods.
You can buy organic lemons, the perfect size for juicing, in a mesh bag for about $3.99 at Trader Joe’s.
I started squeezing them buy hand. Shortly I after bought a cheap hand citrus press.
Q&A: No, this isn’t necessary to lose weight, a prescription for everyone, or new advice that you can’t find on the internet.
Q&A: Yes, it is worth trying. What’s new about it is you doing it.
You’re going to do this every day for thirty days.
When you start, comment below, or message me privately if you prefer. All pm’s are confidential.
We can build on it from there.

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