Relaxation & Stress: Do You Take A Sabbath?

I’m not religious, let’s get that out of the way. I don’t go to temple or church, and I don’t pray.

But the concept of taking one mandatory day off per week has been growing on me more & more lately.

I’m thirty-eight years old. I train hard 3 times per week. I work hard all week long. I get up early every day with an alarm.

Except on Saturday. I still get up early, but I don’t rush.

I sometimes feel like I can get an extra lifting session in, but I don’t.

I could catch up on some emails, but I leave that for Sunday.

By the time Monday morning comes around, I’m ready to raise the bar again.

Your body & your brain need some time to rest and recover. You can’t push the envelope seven days per week.

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