Here’s The Deal With Nuts

I never leave the house without a bag of nuts.

Actually, it’s 1 bag per meal so, some days it’s 2 or 3 bags.

I remember going to Disney a few years ago, and packing 24 Ziploc bags of homemade nut mix. I didn’t eat any of the crappy, expensive cafeteria food the entire time. It was awesome.

Here’s the deal with nuts:

– They’re real food.
– They taste great.
– They’re filling.
– They rarely go bad.*
– They’re nutritionally robust.
– You can cook with them.
– They stave off hunger between meals.
– They can replace an entire meal in a pinch.
– Per pound, they’re cheaper than many snacks.**
– They will not make you fat.

I’ll repeat; a handful or two of nuts a day will not make you fat. They contain fat, but it’s fat that your body needs.

Too much of other things will make you gain fat. Usually, those things are not real food (but masquerade as food), and leave you hungry shortly after eating. Then you eat more.

THAT’S nuts.

* Keep away from heat & moisture.
** Example: a 50-cent, 1 OZ bag of Wise potato chips is $8.00 per pound.

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