Drug In a Mug?

I’ve heard coffee referred to as the ‘drug in a mug’. Catchy. But is it true?

As it always happens when you look deeper, there are varying levels of drugs.

Caffeine is not heroin. You’re not going to overdose to the point of death by drinking 10 cups of coffee per day.

But, that doesn’t mean it’s all good either.

You need to find the level that works best for you.

And, you might be surprised if you run a little self-experimentation.

I thought I was ‘all good to go’ drinking 5, 6, 8, even 10 cups in a day.

‘Coffee’s great!’ I would tell people. I was sleeping fine (so I thought).

But then I started to drink some more water, and, things started to change.

I started to notice that less water I had (conversely, meaning, the more coffee), the more stressed out I was. Like noticeably, within a few minutes of drinking one cup.

It was like there was this natural point that, once I crossed it, my heart was beating faster, and the words would come out of my mouth all jumbled.

The more I played with it, the more my ‘OK level’ reset and became clear: it’s 1 cup. Maybe 2.

After that, no mas for me. Or, if I do, I have to be prepared to be jittery. That’s the trade-off.

So, think about the fact that, if you haven’t made any changes to your coffee intake in several years, you probably don’t even feel (you may be numb to it) what it’s doing to you.

Try a glass or two more of water today.

If it makes no difference, go back to your previous coffee level next week.

I’m not telling you to make permanent changes, or quit it.

I’m just asking you, when was the last time thought about what it might be doing to you?

Caffeine is a drug, so, use it with awareness. Not reckless abandon, and not because someone else told you to.

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