Relaxation & Stress: In A Hurry?

Have you ever been stuck underneath a workload with far more to do than time available? When no matter which way you looked at it, there simply was not enough time to finish? Then, you start to scramble and rush to get things done, but, you’re not even really sure where to start?

Sometimes, the worst thing you can do when you’re under pressure is to hurry up and go faster.

Especially if you’re not sure what to start with. You can end up raising your stress level, rushing, jumping back & forth from one thing to another, and making mistakes.

A different approach, one that often works well for me, is to make use of the Law of Reverse Effect.

Slow down. The slower you go, the less you miss, which also means, the more you accomplish.

Let’s say you’ve got one hour. That’s more than enough time to accomplish the one most important thing on your list.

Start with the idea to do just one thing, and, see what happens.

You might find that you accomplish far more by trying to do less.

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