Cooking Tips: You Can Cook.

“I’ve never picked out fresh fruits & vegetables at the store.”

“I’ve never chopped an onion or peeled a carrot before.”

“I have no idea how to cook a chicken in the oven.”

All of those statements, and many more regarding lack of cooking know-how, were true for me just a few years ago.

I’m not a chef. I wasn’t brought up in a home-cooking heavy home.

But one of the basic skills that I developed during my thirty-day paleo challenge a few years ago was the ability to home-cook anything.

And that was equally valuable for me as the fact that at the same time, I was removing a bunch of sugar & junk from my body.

It’s true that before that, I home-cooked a bit. So I wasn’t terrified of it.

But the strict meal plan forced me to cook just about every night for a month. I was following recipes & using ingredients I had never thought to touch before.

With just one non-stick sauté pan and a few dry spices, you can cook and flavor endless combinations of healthy proteins & vegetables, quickly, with little cleanup, save money over dining out, and never be hungry.

And that’s just the beginning.

You can cook. You’ve just got to actually do it, in order to learn how. Sure, you’ll dump out a dish or two. But once you start, you’ll be much farther down you path to good health than you were before.

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