How I Drastically Reduced My Coffee Intake

A couple of months ago I made this small change:

‘No coffee in meetings. I’ll only bring a glass of water into meetings.’

The rest of the day, as much coffee as I wanted.

At that time, I was drinking an average of 7 cups per day. Some days, it was 10.

(We have good coffee basically on tap at my office.)

I loved coffee. I was drinking it at that level for several years. And good coffee too; I make pour-overs at home. I visit a lot of cafes in my job with all kinds of single-origin, organic stuff.

But then I started to learn a bit more about caffeine, its effects, and dosages.

I started to see that I was probably having a bit too much.

The ‘meeting rule’ was simple. I average 1.5 meetings per day during the week.

Here’s the key: being allowed to drink as much coffee as I wanted to before or after meetings I didn’t feel like I was missing a thing.

Here’s what actually happened: the water tasted good. It was refreshing. My body needed it; it needed a break.

I didn’t know that would happen, but it did. Then, my body started to want more water, and less coffee. I started to feel better with more water. I started to become more aware of how often I was drinking coffee at other times. And, I started to notice the effects of coffee (elevated heart rate, mind working a bit too fast) after even just 1 cup.

I still drink coffee today, but, it’s 1 or 2 cups a day. Sometimes, that’s even a bit too much.

I still love it. I appreciate it more than ever before. I sip it slowly.

And that drastic reduction in the amount of coffee that I drink happened slowly, and organically, after just that 1 simple ‘rule’.

It was a rule that was easy to achieve. It was possible.

You can apply that to anything, not just coffee 🙂

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