‘I Don’t Have Time To Cook.’

That’s bulls*t. I’ve got a family, often work sixty hours a week, and I still cook.

It’s not the case that you need to home-cook every meal. Start with just one dinner.

At first, it will be slow and uncomfortable. You’ll probably follow a recipe. It will take you a lot of time. You’ll have to keep reading the recipe throughout. You won’t have a rhythm with the prep or the cleanup. You’ll forget an ingredient. You’ll mess it up. You may even have to scrap the whole meal.

But, over time, those things will happen less and less. You’ll remember how to cook things without reading, and, apply those techniques to other things. You’ll be able to sub ingredients. You’ll get smart about your prep and cleanup time.

You’ll control everything that goes into your meal. You’ll be able to lick the bottom of the pot clean because you know exactly what you put in it. You’ll save money. You’ll be eating truly fresh food that tastes good.

You’ll feel good about what you’re eating, and, about yourself.

That’s a feeling worth making time for, not excuses to avoid.

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