Relaxation & Stress: In A Hurry?

Have you ever been stuck underneath a workload with far more to do than time available? When no matter which way you looked at it, there simply was not enough time to finish? Then, you start to scramble and rush to get things done, but, you’re not even really sure where to start? Sometimes, theContinue reading “Relaxation & Stress: In A Hurry?”

This Isn’t a ‘Hustle’

I’ve been asked a few times if becoming a Health Coach is a ‘side hustle’. I know that’s a popular term right now, and, I like it in many ways. But this isn’t a hustle. I’d prefer to call it a mission. It’s for real. It’s about helping you transform into the strongest, healthiest versionContinue reading “This Isn’t a ‘Hustle’”

Single-Pointed Focus: Avoiding Distractions

In my job, lately I’ve been having to tell the people all around me ‘no’ more often. Sometimes a client is on the phone, upset, asking to speak with me. ‘No, please tell them I will call them back right away,’ I’ll say. Sometimes a co-worker wants to ask me a question. ‘Please give meContinue reading “Single-Pointed Focus: Avoiding Distractions”

You Never Know When You’ll Be Called Upon

I program rest days into my week. The minimum number of days I train (right now) is three. Sometimes it’s more; sometimes I’ll add a sport, or an event. The other day I ran a Tough Mudder. It was for fun, non-competitive. The next morning, I was up early, deadlifting and running again. It wouldContinue reading “You Never Know When You’ll Be Called Upon”

Cooking Tips: You Can Cook.

“I’ve never picked out¬†fresh fruits & vegetables at the store.” “I’ve never chopped an onion or peeled a carrot before.” “I have no idea how to cook a chicken in the oven.” All of those statements, and many more regarding lack of cooking know-how, were true for me just a few years ago. I’m notContinue reading “Cooking Tips: You Can Cook.”