Creativity, Expression, & Your Health

Starting this blog 1,471 posts ago in 2013 was one of the single most important decisions on my journey to good health.

If you knew me in 2000, or, saw a picture of me then versus now, you might not recognize both versions as the same person.

So, what does starting a blog have anything to do with transforming a person from being overweight, out of shape, and sedentary into a person who is full of life, healthy, and fit?

Creativity is a core part of your health.

If you aren’t expressing your emotions, you’re repressing them. They don’t disappear. They manifest.

Starting this blog was, for me, a big step in changing that aspect of my life. It didn’t make me lose weight, or get in shape. But it did start me on the right path.

So, what does this mean for you?

No, you don’t have to become a complete nut-job like me and spill your guts out onto the internet every day.

But you do have to be mindful of your level of satisfaction with the creative area of your life, and how honestly you are expressing yourself daily.

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