Food Isn’t Always First

When I look at where I’ve been on my own health journey, I can see that I’ve only been eating whole, unprocessed, organic foods for about eight years.

I’m thirty-eight years old. So, for the first thirty years of my life, I ate junk. Often times, a lot of it.

In the last eight years, my physical, mental, & spiritual health has improved profoundly.

But there’s something else … my change did not start with food.

In fact, the more I learn about Health Coaching, it’s often the food that comes second.

The beginning of my own transformation was about seventeen years ago, when I started to work on emotions, and open up about my feelings.

That was hard work, but, if I didn’t do it, I never would arrived at the place, nine years later, where I was interested & ready to change my eating habits.

For you, it might be different order, or aspect of your health you need to work on before food. It might be your career, or your exercise regimen.

(Also, it might not take years – that was just me. Some changes happen quickly.)

Food is absolutely important for your health and vitality.

But food doesn’t always come first.


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