Remember How To Breathe

Throughout the day, many things stress you out.

Some are obvious and ‘major’, such as finances, family drama, and work deadline.

Some are less obvious – but, perhaps, just as harmful … or even worse.

For example, it may be true that your body handles a ‘major’ stressor well & appropriately by raising your adrenaline & cortisol at first, but, then calming down after it’s resolved.

But, you could also be stuck in a more constant, less noticeable state of stress all day long by an addiction to gaining followers on Twitter.

Here’s one thing that might help: remember how to breathe.

The correct way to breathe is:

  • Breathe in slowly, through your nose, and all the way down into your belly, so that your diaphragm pushes down, and your belly expands.
  • Breathe out slowly, so that your belly contracts and your diaphragm goes back up towards your chest.

You won’t be able to consciously remember this technique all day long.

But, you can remember to do it, say, for at least three, five, or even ten deep breaths, when you need to.

This will trigger your parasympathetic nervous system into action, to calm you down. (The opposite of the sympathetic, which fires you up.)

Practice this occasionally throughout the day as needed, and note the effects.

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