What’s Weird About You?

You may have the same type of job as your peers, live in the same type of house, send your kids to the same type of school, and even find yourself having the same conversations in the same places all the time. While that’s all true, you’re still different. You are unique.

Even within all of that ‘sameness’, the way you do what you do differentiates you.

Beyond that though, there are things that are ‘weird’ about you which you may not be celebrating. You may choose to keep them quiet, so as not to seem weird or stand out.

I get it. I’m already a pretty weird guy, and, even though I am quite vocal and proud of that, I still hold back at various times.

For example, most people know that I’m crazy about fitness and have a gym in my garage. But most people don’t know that I’m a Health Coach, because I have chosen not to be very vocal about that, yet.

For you, it may be something else. Perhaps you’re really into comic books, but, none of your friends are. Or maybe it’s chess, or politics.

Here’s the thing: everyone will not love what you love. Some people will think it’s weird, and they may even put you down for it.

But you’ve got to love what you love.

It’s true that in many ways, we are all the same.

The way that you are unique is only in the choices you make.

Celebrate what makes you weird. Be proud of it.


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