Care Instructions for Good Health

I left a walk-in urgent care clinic the other day with a one-page sheet of ‘care instructions’ to live a health lifestyle.

It’s the cover page they give to every patient.

The funny thing is, if every patient who left that doctor’s office read that one page and actually implemented what it says, it would have a profoundly positive effect on the health of the community.

People would improve their diets, physical condition, spend more time with their families, and perhaps even reverse some diseases.

You’re not born with a printed sheet of care instructions, but, you’re given plenty of them over your lifetime.

There’s no secret to what is good for you. The information is out there.

It’s easy to answer the question “how can I take care of myself better?”

It’s harder to answer “why I don’t do this?”, or, “how can I make small changes that last?”

A set of instructions is great, but figuring out why or how you should follow them is even better.

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