Trade-Offs of ‘Cheating’

There are some types of food that when you eat them, you’re not going to feel your best … but you eat them anyway.

For me, one of those is Chinese food. Unless I’m ordering plain steamed chicken & broccoli, which is nowhere near as fun as fried rice & Szechuan shrimp, after a Chinese food dinner I end up feeling very slow, heavy, and tired.

I don’t eat that kind of food very often, and, it’s not as ‘clean’ as what I usually eat.

But, to remove it from my diet completely wouldn’t work for me. First of all, I like it. Also, my family likes it.

Yes, I can alter my choices or portion sizes when we eat Chinese. But I want to enjoy the food. So I head into the meal being OK with the trade-off.

Once a month, or even less, of feeling like crap after a meal is not too much for me.

Whatever you’re eating, you’ve got to be OK with the trade-offs too. Just understand why you’re doing it.

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