“I Don’t Know What I Believe.”

You’ve got a story about religion, and so do I. Everyone has one, whether they grew up with, or without one, more than one, or somewhere in between.

But you may be in a place where, no matter what your religion, there is something missing from your life in terms of spirituality.

And, those two things, religion & spirituality, are not the same thing. You don’t have to believe anything to have a spiritual practice.

The key to a fulfilling spiritual practice is to practice it regularly, and honor yourself.

This can be done in a religious setting, but, it doesn’t have to be.

This can be done by making time to light a candle and take a bubble bath once a week. Or, by meditating for five or ten minutes every day. Or, by writing down one thing that you are thankful for before going to bed every night.

If you’ve always struggled a bit with what to believe, but want to find something to fill that void, let go of the feeling that you need to believe in something.

Try making a little time to practice gratitude, stillness, and honor yourself for a few minutes instead.

Spirituality is a key area of your health. You don’t eat it, but it does nourish you.

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