A Lack of Vitality

A lack of vitality means a lack of energy, happiness, and well-being.

It means that there’s something  missing from your life. Perhaps it’s the drive to get out of bed in the morning, or, the ability to run around at the park with your kids.

When you’re full of vitality, you’re full of life. You’re full of energy & emotions.

Being full of vitality doesn’t mean that you’re happy all of the time, by any means. But it does mean that you have the ability to experience happiness deeply, and, it probably means that you’re generally pretty happy.

If you’re lacking, or looking to increase your vitality, this blog is for you.

Once upon a time, I was almost completely void of it.

But here’s the good news: it’s never truly gone, unless you’re dead.

It may be not much more than a glowing spark underneath a pile of wood that you can barely see, but, it’s in there, still glowing, ready to burn brighter.

The path of strength & health leads to vitality. You’re fire can roar again if you feed.

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