Making Lasting Changes To Your Diet

It’s true that I don’t eat several, popular kinds of food.

But, I don’t feel like I have a restrictive diet at all.

No, for me, over time, I found that there are a few types of food that I simply don’t want. They don’t make me feel good, and, I found other foods to replace them.

But I also found that there were some foods, after being removed, I did want.

So I put those foods (the ones I still wanted after removal) back in.

It’s very simple: if you restrict foods just because someone or something tells you to, then, it’s very difficult to maintain.

Making lasting changes to your diet usually involves some kind of fundamental shift, a bit deeper than reading a blog post. You’ll want to understand why you’re doing it, and you’ll want to run a test on yourself, to make sure you feel better.

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