Are You Missing Connection?

Using your mobile app at Starbucks does make the act of getting coffee faster.

You don’t have to say a word to anyone. You can just walk in, grab your drink, and leave.

Starbucks (and many other companies) have correctly identified that this is what you want.

But, did you think about what you gave up to get that speed?

There’s another coffee shop near me that works in the opposite direction. Giorgio or his wife won’t make you a cup of coffee quickly. It takes a long time to brew each cup perfectly.

There’s no mobile app, and, he’s likely to tell you his life story while you’re there, or explain why his beans are the best, and where he farms them from.

I’m not suggesting that you shop at one or the other. I shop at Starbucks far more often than I go to Giorgio’s and, I use the mobile app too.

I am suggesting that you be aware of what you’re missing when you give up too much connection in your life.

A simple smile, a little eye contact, a few minutes talking people every day, not in a rushed manner, can add a lot of value to your own health.

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