Constant Pressure & Big Results

I talked a little bit yesterday about how you don’t snap your fingers and ‘get transformed’, but, rather, how you are always transforming. You’re always transforming in one direction or another. The key is, in which direction are you applying constant pressure? Are you always learning? Do you enter the room as the dumbest personContinue reading “Constant Pressure & Big Results”

I’m Going To Live To 120, And …

… I will be able to to a push-up, squat, pull-up, and touch my toes. I may have underestimated. It sounds a bit crazy at first, but, it’s not. Average people are living longer every decade. Deaths from heart disease and cancer are being reduced, proportionately. People who take good care of themselves live longerContinue reading “I’m Going To Live To 120, And …”

Here’s Why You Have To Get Stronger:

In no particular order: Because others around you are weak. Because you have to able to pick sh*t up. Because a few pull-ups should be easy. Because your kids are watching. Because if you’re not, you’re getting weaker as you age. So you can walk with your head held higher. To be ready for anything.Continue reading “Here’s Why You Have To Get Stronger:”

Creativity, Expression, & Your Health

Starting this blog 1,471 posts ago in 2013 was one of the single most important decisions on my journey to good health. If you knew me in 2000, or, saw a picture of me then versus now, you might not recognize both versions as the same person. So, what does starting a blog have anythingContinue reading “Creativity, Expression, & Your Health”

Relaxation & Stress: The Circle of Stress & Sugar

When you’re feeling stressed, your body burns sugar. When your body burns sugar, you crave and eat sugar. When you eat more sugar, you feel even more stressed. Those are biological responses. There isn’t anything you can do to change them, fundamentally. Here’s what you can control, to varying degrees: The amount of stressors inContinue reading “Relaxation & Stress: The Circle of Stress & Sugar”

Your Health Doesn’t Fit In A Box

Have you noticed that your health won’t be ‘fixed’ by any single book, diet, trend, super-food, or blog post? That’s because only you can determine what works best for you. You can (and should) have guidance. But you don’t fit into a box. In addition to that, what works best for you right now willContinue reading “Your Health Doesn’t Fit In A Box”

Remember How To Breathe

Throughout the day, many things stress you out. Some are obvious and ‘major’, such as finances, family drama, and work deadline. Some are less obvious – but, perhaps, just as harmful … or even worse. For example, it may be true that your body handles a ‘major’ stressor well & appropriately by raising your adrenalineContinue reading “Remember How To Breathe”