When Should I Workout & Do Yoga?

Once, I went for an early morning yoga class, and then did my lifting a few hours later in the afternoon.

Bad move. The next day was full of the worst sorenesses I ever felt.

It wasn’t a good sore, like you get after a good, tough day of squatting. After a good, tough day of squatting, you might barely be able to to walk for a few days. But that’s a different type of soreness. It’s one you can be proud of.

No, this was painful and shameful, because I knew I had done something wrong. And it wasn’t in the same places either. It felt like my muscles had tightened up into hard knots, particularly my hamstrings.

You don’t want to lift right after doing yoga because your muscles, after yoga, have just been stretched out deeply, and, are very relaxed. They’re not ready to immediately be contracted tightly and lift heavy weights.

So, wait one full day after doing yoga before you lift.

If you’re doing both in the same day, lift in the morning & do the yoga at night.

You’ll sleep well 🙂

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