Gaining Strength Without Adding Weight

Most of my writing talks about adding more weight, incrementally, over time, to your lifts.

Almost all of my training logs from the past ten years show those progressions. I’m a big fan of getting stronger. I usually seek to hit a new PR every time I touch a barbell.

I don’t normally post my own numbers, but, I want to show you an example of what I did this week, differently:

5.18.18, Snatch + Hang Snatch: 110-121-132-143-154 (video here)

5.24.18, Snatch + Hang Snatch: 110-132-143-143-143

So, the form was pretty good in week 1. But I scaled back the weight in week 2.

Sometimes, especially on the Olympic lifts, you can feel that your form isn’t optimal.

In the snatch, for me, it’s the way I receive the bar. Did I get down fast enough? Was it a struggle, or smooth?

But it’s not just the technically complex lifts such as the snatch or clean & jerk.

If you aren’t squatting properly with an empty barbell, you have no business adding weight to that barbell. Yet.

Form always trumps numbers. You’ll never achieve your true max’s anyway without proper form.

My first snatch at 143 was wobbly. My 2nd & 3rd were much better. I received the bar way down low, and, straight overhead.

Now I’ve grown my confidence through better practice, without adding a single pound at all.

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