Your Career & Your Health

The things that advance your career are uncomfortable.

But you must periodically take a look at your career, and how it fits into your well-being.

It’s an integral part of your health. You probably spend more time at your job than you do at home.

Does it make you happy? Are you excited to head into the office? Or do you dread it?

Is it somewhere in between? Perhaps you like the job, but, don’t love it?

Often there are small, simple ways to improve your career and how you feel about it, without making huge changes.

It’s not the case that you have to go barging into your boss’ office and demand a raise.

There might be a new skill you can develop, a new responsibility you can take on, or new idea you can implement.

Or, there might be a new boundary you have to draw.

These things often feel far scarier than they actually are once you do them.

What’s scarier to me is spending ten, twenty, or thirty years doing the same thing over & over again which doesn’t make me happy.

When it comes to your physical health, your career might even be what’s holding you back.

If you can make some progress there, it can be much easier to make some progress with your nutrition, for example, because you’ll feel better every day.

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