Finding Fully Organic Juice Bars

The other day at Whole Foods I observed a guy who became rather angry with their juice bar staff & store manager.

He was very upset to learn that the juice bar there does not use Organic produce. They serve conventional produce in their freshly-made juices and smoothies.

It’s true that there is no misleading advertising. Nowhere on the menu does it say ‘Organic’.

But the man’s point has at least some validity. The juice bar itself is surrounded by displays of Organic produce; it’s in the middle of the produce section.

Most of the produce at Whole Foods is Organic, but, not all. You do have to read closely. I would guess it’s about 70% Organic : 30% Conventional. But that could be lower at 60:40.

A few minutes later, I stopped to talk to the man. Ultimately, he was angry because he simply wants to eat only Organic food. And, even though we live in New York, it’s not as easy to find a 100% Organic Juice Bar as you might think.

In New York City, yes, you can pretty easily. But you still have to read the menus, signs, and ingredients carefully. Most juice bars are not fully Organic. It’s just the case that in Manhattan, there are enough fully Organic places that you shouldn’t have to travel too far.

In the suburbs, you must check online or call before you leave your house. Unless you want to waste gas.

In the end, I gave him my card and a suggestion of another place to go that I knew of near his house.

For you: read the ingredients. They never lie, no matter what the name of the store is.


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