What You Will Eat Tomorrow

Until about ten years ago, I used to eat lots of wheat. Beer, pizza, and pasta were my favorite foods. Today, I never eat wheat or gluten.

I used to eat a lot of cheese, and drink milk. Today I eat very little dairy; anything more than about two ounces doesn’t agree with me.

When I first tried eating a strict ‘paleo / primal’ style, I stayed away from carbs like beans, rice, and potatoes. But today I eat a tons of lentils, beans, & potatoes because they work for me.

I vary the amount of animal food that I eat, but, I’ve even head of some people who change from being strictly Vegan, to not, or, the other way around, and then back again.

So you can see that I didn’t write what I will eat like tomorrow. I have no idea what my diet will look like in two years. I might think I know, but, I don’t know.

What you eat like tomorrow, and, next year, and in five years, will change.

And, that’s OK. Some people would say that life is change.

There’s no need to box yourself in with a label. Just eat what works for you.

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