Healthy People Are Bad Too

I’m healthy. I’m very consistent with what I eat, how I train, and how must rest I get.

But, sometimes, I:

  • Stay up really late watching 80’s & 90’s movies on TV
  • Overeat carbs to the point where I’m completely bloated
  • Drink too much alcohol

I’m not a saint just because I’m fit and strong, and, neither are the people who are fitter & stronger than me.

Healthy people are bad; they’re just bad less often than people who are less healthy.

So, you don’t have to quit everything, and, there is no such thing as perfect. (At least, not as ‘perfect’ is traditionally defined. I would argue that you are perfect, inherently, right now.)

Being bad is part of being human, and, you will be bad sometimes.

But it’s not all that you are: you’re much more than that.

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