Why Do I ‘Show Off’?

Whenever I’m at a park, or near any kind of bar on which pull-ups or dips can be done, I do them.

Often this is in front of a group of my peers. Often I get criticized for ‘showing off’.

Here’s my answer:

I train three times a week in private, in my garage. In addition to that, I sneak in extra sets of work whenever and wherever I can.

I do this because it supplements the years of hard work I’ve put in to get to where I am, and because I intend to keep getting stronger.

That will only happen with more & more hard work.

Now, my question to you is: am I really showing off? Did I call out for anyone to watch? Or, were you just watching and feeling bad that you couldn’t do a few dips if you tried?

Here’s the thing: a few years ago, I couldn’t do 1 good pull-up or 1 good set of dips either.

I can now, and, so can you.

And, something funny: it’s often the case that many of the critics have the highest potential.

Guys who would be way stronger than me if they worked at it.

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