How I Beat Colds In 1 Day

Here’s what I do when I start to feel a cold, virus, or other sickness coming on:


Both through food and in supplement form. I eat lots of oranges, and even more vegetables than usual. I stay away from any food that makes me feel slower or sluggish.

I overload on vitamins, especially vitamin C. (It’s almost impossible to take too much vitamin C.) I have several multi-vitamin powders and green Superfood powders that I keep around for traveling, and, times of sickness.

I take a bunch of them throughout the day. They don’t hurt. I take these in addition to my regular supplements.


Make it a top priority to get to sleep very, very early. Like, go for ten or twelve hours of sleep. Even more if you can. If you put your kids to bed at 8 PM, put them to bed at 7:45 and get your butt in bed by 7:46.


In addition to the extra sleep, if you’re like me, you’re probably still going to work. But you don’t have to run around at a highly energetic pace all day. Change up your morning routine a bit. Walk slowly. Don’t rush. If you wake up really early, lay still and rest for an extra hour. Read a book. Your body will thank you. It needs the energy to fight.


Take good care of yourself all the time, all year round. This one throws a monkey wrench into the first three, but, it’s true. If you are taking good care of your health year-round, then, when you do catch something, you’ll beat it much faster than the average person, who may be calling out sick from work, or in bed with a fever for several days.

You’re not average. Don’t live down to average. There’s some hard work involved, to maintain a strong, healthy, resilient body. But you deserve it.

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