“What Supplements Do You Take?”

Currently (today is May 14th, 2018) I make these a part of my routine:

Fresh lemon juice, spirulina powder, beet juice concentrate, aloe juice, maca powder, protein powder (several different kinds*), creatine, kelp puree, goji berry powder, vanilla powder, & ceylon cinnamon.

Those are things that I put into either my morning ‘green drink’, which I take daily, or my workout smoothies, which I drink before, during & after training sessions.

I’ll call them supplements because they are in addition to my meals.

You’ll notice that those are not a list of pills.

Here’s the thing: I presume if you are asking me this question that you are curious, and, that you may want to get an idea of what you should take, or try.

But what I supplement is not what you should supplement.

On top of that, what I supplement changes. For example, I used to take a full regimen of pills. I took a break for a long time to see how I would do without that regimen.

In fact, I do intend to go back on a regimen including pills soon, and, record if I have any changes to the way I feel, or, to my blood work.

So, yes, I can give you some ideas. And yes, I can tell you what works for me.

But supplements should be tested against your own baselines, and, occasionally cycled on and off, so that you’re sure they are still working … for you.


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