“How Can I Stop Feeling Crappy All The Time?”

As I say at the very top of my website, the path of strength & health leads to vitality.

Becoming stronger is not for everyone. Some people don’t want to get bigger and look more muscular.

I’ve been working very hard at getting stronger for many years. I like the way I look and feel. The stronger I get, the better, I feel, and, the more I want to gain.

I’m not a bodybuilder and I’m not massive. I’m simply becoming as strong as I can possibly be.

The strength part does a few things …

  • I know I can lift, move, or run any time or anything that I might need to
  • I’m more confident in many other areas of life as a result
  • I’m full of energy
  • I also invest a lot of time in rest, recovery, & relaxation
  • I eat food that is good for me

… just to name a few.

Food & nutrition go hand in hand with the strength training.

That’s how to build a foundation of feeling good all the time, and never feeling crappy or sick.


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