How Much Should I Warmup?

I’ve tried all levels of warmup ‘from zero to sixty’ on several different programs.

The answer will vary, but, generally I like a warmup that:

  • Loosens up all of your joints via mobility & range of motion testing
  • Fires up the muscle groups & motor patterns you will be working out with bodyweight or very light weights
  • Might be a little tough, but gets your mind ready to crush the upcoming workout.
  • Doesn’t take more than ten minutes.

That’s a pretty good strategy for most cases.

That said, there is a benefit to mixing that up.

Sometimes you just have to run. Especially if you hate running.

Sometimes you simply do the big lift you’re working on at a lesser weight. (For example, start squatting with the empty bar, all the way up to work sets.)

Everyone once in a while, I like to lift something cold, simply to be ready to lift something without warning in real life.

I don’t do that very often, but, you never know when you might need it.

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